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We offer bowling at the highest level for young and old

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  • Lustenauerstraße 27, 6971 Hard


We offer bowling at the highest level for young and old - for the fun bowler as well as for the professional. With our 10 top modern Brunswick bowling lanes we fulfil all wishes! All of our 10 lanes are equipped with fully automatic boards and can be played by adults as well as children at the same time. Our children's ramps even make bowling at Funworld really child's play. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING POINTS WHEN MAKING YOUR RESERVATION: A classic game of bowling takes about 10 minutes per person. For a comfortable game of bowling with an absolute fun factor, we recommend a maximum of 6 people per lane. Therefore, reserve a second lane for 7 or more people (regardless of age). Our lanes are charged by the minute and hours started or not completed do NOT have to be paid in full! e.g. You reserve 1 hour and finish playing after 52 minutes. You then only pay for 52 minutes and NOT 60 minutes. Wednesday until 7 pm ⇒ € 10,50* and from 7 pm ⇒ € 12,50*. Thursday until 7 pm ⇒ € 21.00 and from 7 pm ⇒ € 25.00 Friday until 7 pm ⇒ € 25,00 and from 7 pm ⇒ € 32,00 Saturday until 7 pm ⇒ € 28,00 and from 7 pm ⇒ € 32,00 Sundays** and public holidays*** ⇒ € 26,00 Before public holidays** until 7 p.m. ⇒ € 25.00 and from 7 p.m. ⇒ € 32.00 Prices are per hour and NOT per person and are charged by the minute. * incl. promotion "Half Price Wednesday". ** except before public holidays *** except Fridays and Saturdays

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Fragen zur Kündigung ihrer gebuchten Dienstleistung bitten wir direkt mit dem Veranstalter zu klären. Veranstalter entscheiden selbst, ob eine Kündigung möglich ist und verfügen in der Regel über eigene Rücktrittsrichtlinien. Wir informieren vorab, dass laut Bundesrecht und Rechtsvorschrift für Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz § 18 (10) Sie nach fixer Buchung über kein Rücktrittsrecht verfügen.



Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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