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Night Canyoning Tour

Yes, you read that right. We offer night canyoning!

  • 8 Std.
  • 195 €/ person
  • will be announced


If you are a canyon fan and have already seen and experienced many things, there is always more. The guides are specialists for guided tours at night and have already conducted numerous night tours in the past years. The special atmosphere and the intensity with which you feel nature are unique. The absolute experience for experienced canyoning freaks. How do you describe night canyoning tours? An absolute intoxication of the senses. With limited vision, only the cone of light from your torch, the body goes through a transformation. Your perception relies on hearing, feeling, smelling and the sixth sense. This is a unique introduction to a new kind of canyoning. Mystical shadows move in front of you and dance with you. The course of events For those of you who find it a little difficult to imagine the whole thing, here is a little clarification. We will walk the canyon twice, so to speak. We will meet in the late afternoon and explore the gorge together in daylight so that you can get an idea of the gorge and be better prepared for the night canyoning tour. When dusk falls, with only your headlamp as a light source, start the real adventure. If you have any questions, please call or write. Dates canyoning tours: April to October Duration: approx. 4 hours per tour 1x during the day /1 x at night the same canyon Minimum participants: 3 persons Price per person: from 195 Euro incl. meals (dinner between tours) Short info: Must be able to swim With a certified guide, who you can ask for his ID card Abseiling training before the tour, active abseiling during the tour Safety equipment is provided - Rockfall-proof helmet - Canyoning harness - Neoprene suit up to 18 mm - neoprene socks - Backpack and trekking power Professional canyoning shoes for hire (6€ per pair) Bring along: - Swimwear - change of clothes - sturdy shoes for the canyon - dry shoes for afterwards

Umbuchung & Kündigung

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Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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