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Canoe Tour Alter Rhein

Three bridges near Dipoldsau to Rheineck Gaißau

  • 6 Std.
  • 79€ / Person
  • will be announced


Canoe Tour Old Rhine Starting point: Three bridges near Dipoldsau to Rheineck Gaißau - a great excursion on the Old Rhine. Together we canoe on the Swiss inland canal, which then turns into the Old Rhine. Along the Swiss-Austrian border to Rheineck Gaißau. Canoe Tour Old Rhine - at the beginning we are supported by the current of the inland canal and go with the canoes through Diepoldsau and further towards Au/St Magarethen. We cross industrial areas and inhabited areas with the canoes, alternating with stretches where only green meadows are our companions. When we enter the Old Rhine, we experience a unique green river landscape embedded in nature. You have the feeling of being on a primeval forest river. There are tree branches hanging down into the water everywhere and we repeatedly sail around obstacles. In addition, various birds such as herons, ducks and swans appear again and again for you to observe. With a bit of luck, you will discover a nest in the shore bushes, then you have to paddle carefully so that the mother bird is not disturbed. The landscape along the riverbank is very varied, as it is mainly old trees that line the riverbank. A few years ago, beavers immigrated again from neighbouring Switzerland and Germany and have settled along the Old Rhine. If you don't see them, you will at least see their worked trees. Canoe Tour Alter Rhein: We start with different types of boats from 1- to 3-man inflatable canoes. All in all we are 15 km on the inland canal, with nice places to take a break. day trip is a real highlight for the whole group. Canoe Tour Old Rhine Dates: Only by individual arrangement from April to October. Duration: 1/2 day (approx. 5-6 hours) Minimum number of participants: 8 Price per person: from 79 euros You have to be able to swim. With certified guide. Safety equipment is provided . Canoe tour Old Rhine to bring along: Swimwear, change of clothes.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Fragen zur Kündigung ihrer gebuchten Dienstleistung bitten wir direkt mit dem Veranstalter zu klären. Veranstalter entscheiden selbst, ob eine Kündigung möglich ist und verfügen in der Regel über eigene Rücktrittsrichtlinien. Wir informieren vorab, dass laut Bundesrecht und Rechtsvorschrift für Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz § 18 (10) Sie nach fixer Buchung über kein Rücktrittsrecht verfügen.



Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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