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Canoe Tour Bregenzerache River

The canoe tour on the Bregenzerache river is our speciality.

  • 5 Std.
  • 89€ / adult
  • will be announced


There are two types of canoes for this enjoyment of nature - first the inflatable canoe (2 to 3 man boats) and second the so-called sit-on-top (inflatable "sit-on-top" 1-person canoe) - each of these boats has its charm. Difficulty levels and route length: tell us what you want and we will offer the best white water for you, your friends or your team. Our offers: - Canoe tour Bregenzerache day trip inflatable canoe / canoe ( 2 and 3 man boats) or sit -on -top in a 1 man boat. - Canoe Tour Bregenzerache Sit on Top - Canoe Tour Bregenzerache: The Bregenzerache river with its fascinating river landscape will cast a spell over you. Whether in a big rafting boat or in a small 2-man inflatable canoe - this fun will stay in your memory for a long time. The Bregenzerache in Vorarlberg offers a whole 30 km of white water. The standard distance of the tours is approx. 10-16 km, depending on the water level. The 3-hour and altogether 14 - 16 km long tour is run with white water 2 - 3, depending on the water level. The tour is suitable for beginners. - Canoe Tour Bregenzerache Dates: April to October - Duration: 1/2 day (approx. 4-5 hours) - Minimum number of participants: 4 - Price per person: 89 Euro adults / youths 65 Euro / children 55 Euro incl. snack on the river (Landjäger, bread, drinks, bars) - Transfer: 6 Euro per person - Must be able to swim. - With trained guide. - Safety equipment provided neoprene, helmet, life jacket, rafting shoes. What to bring: Swimwear, towel, rucksack or bag for clothing. Canoe Tour Bregenzerache Procedure: All boat tours start with a briefing on paddling technique and a detailed safety talk. Safety: Our guides are highly trained and some are active members of the Austrian Water Rescue Service. Therefore our safety standards are at the highest level through internal and external training. Requirements: No previous experience is required - except for advanced tours - swimming skills are sufficient for the boat tours. Alcohol and drug consumption are not permitted before and/or during the tours. Weather: Depending on the water level and weather conditions, we reserve the right to choose the boat and the feasibility of the tours. However, boat tours are an ideal rainy weather program. Water levels tend to be higher in spring. Other: Meeting & starting points will be announced.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Fragen zur Kündigung ihrer gebuchten Dienstleistung bitten wir direkt mit dem Veranstalter zu klären. Veranstalter entscheiden selbst, ob eine Kündigung möglich ist und verfügen in der Regel über eigene Rücktrittsrichtlinien. Wir informieren vorab, dass laut Bundesrecht und Rechtsvorschrift für Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz § 18 (10) Sie nach fixer Buchung über kein Rücktrittsrecht verfügen.



Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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