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Canyoning for advanced

Canyons in Vorarlberg are among the most beautiful 100 canyons in Euro

  • 5 Std.
  • 95 - 129 €/ Person
  • Meeting point: Parking next to Camping Enz; Adress: Gütlestrasse 15, Dornbirn


Advanced canyoning: it's all here! The gorge, once conquered, leads us through a playground of high rocks and crystal-clear pools created by the water. Waterfalls and deep views into the valley demand all our concentration. For us it is a vocation to challenge you on our tours and to fulfil your wishes. Advanced Canyoning Prerequisites: To take part in an advanced tour, you should have already demonstrated some sporting ability and have been on a canyoning tour. But we are also happy to take other previous experience into account. Just tell us the tour(s) you have done so far and we will find an exciting follow-up tour - whether in Vorarlberg, Switzerland, Italy or France. For the latter, of course, we recommend whole weekends, which can also be booked with us. Active abseil training is part of every tour and allows you to experience even more freedom during your adventure, as you can determine your own abseil speed. Challenge us - we challenge you! Safety is experience plus equipment Safety starts with your body: only we offer you three layers of neoprene for your canyon trips. Neoprene trousers, neoprene jacket and an additional gilet with hood protect the sensitive areas from cooling down with a layer up to 18 mm thick. A canyoning harness and rockfall-proof helmet are also part of the safety equipment. Dates canyoning tours: April to October Duration: 1/2 day (approx. 3-4 hours) or 1 day (approx. 5-7 hours) Cost: Level 1: Kangaroo Jumping (1/2 day) per adult from €95 along the Rudach River. Level 2: MERLINS WORLD (1 day) per adult from 129 € along the Rudach river Level 3: JUNGLES END (1 day) per adult from 129 € up to Ammans Bridge Optional professional canyoning shoes for hire: 6€ per pair Private tours for 2 people: In pairs with a guide into the canyon Only possible with free capacities with an extra charge of 85 €. - Short info: Canyoning experience required - With certified guide - Abseiling training before the tour, active abseiling during the tour Safety equipment is provided: Rockfall-proof helmet, canyoning harness, neoprene suit up to 18 mm, neoprene socks. Minimum number of participants: 2 persons What to bring: - Swimwear - change of clothes - Sturdy shoes for the gorge - dry shoes for afterwards

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Fragen zur Kündigung ihrer gebuchten Dienstleistung bitten wir direkt mit dem Veranstalter zu klären. Veranstalter entscheiden selbst, ob eine Kündigung möglich ist und verfügen in der Regel über eigene Rücktrittsrichtlinien. Wir informieren vorab, dass laut Bundesrecht und Rechtsvorschrift für Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz § 18 (10) Sie nach fixer Buchung über kein Rücktrittsrecht verfügen.



Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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