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Canyoning Tours for Beginners

Canyons in Vorarlberg are among the most beautiful 100 canyons in Euro

  • 5 Std.
  • 89€ / adult
  • Meeting point: Parking next to Camping Enz; Adress: Gütlestrasse 15, Dornbirn


Canyons in Vorarlberg - top for beginners - are among the most beautiful 100 canyons in Europe! Our canyoning beginner tours are located in Dornbirn and are among the most beautiful canyoning tours in the whole of Europe. Waterfalls for abseiling, jumps and slides in crystal-clear gorges as well as beautiful hiking and swimming routes await you there. All the essential elements that make canyoning so fascinating are combined there. Add to this, of course, a sense of adventure and a portion of courage that is demanded of a "canyoneer" at every turn. You will experience active rappelling (admittedly it takes a little courage, but that's what you're there for). In our canyoning beginner tours, active rappelling takes place. First we train rappelling at the bridge and only when everyone has learned the technique of abseiling, we go into the canyon. You can expect: Beautiful rock formations, active abseiling through the waterfall, several jumps of up to 6 metres and slides of 2 to 4 metres. The length and duration of the tour can be adjusted to suit the individual fitness of the group members. Canyoning beginner tours for families When we go canyoning with families, we pay special attention to the weather and water conditions and will, if necessary, cancel the tour if it is too dangerous for safety reasons or we can switch to an alternative canyon. For the children we use special children's suits from Vade Retro, which are optimally adapted to the children's sizes. Children from the age of 8 can join us in good conditions and warm temperatures. - Dates canyoning tours: April to October - Duration: 1/2 day (approx. 5-6 hours) - Cost per person: Adults 89€ | Youths 65€ | Children 55€ -Optional professional canyoning shoes for hire: 6€ per pair Private tours for 2 people: Two people with a guide in the canyon Only possible with free capacities, extra charge 85 €. Brief info: I must be able to swim With certified guide, who you can ask for his ID card Guide ratio: 1 to 8 - for large groups additional guides come along Safety equipment is provided: Rockfall-proof helmet, canyoning harness, neoprene suit up to 18 mm, neoprene socks. Minimum number of participants: 2 persons What to bring: - Swimwear - change of clothes - Sturdy shoes for the gorge - dry shoes for afterwards

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Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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