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Trek Raft Tour at Bregenzer Ache river

Hiking plus kayaking

  • 6 Std.
  • 125€ / person
  • will be announced


Treck Raft Tour Bregenzer Ache: First we hike along the old railway line from Kennelbach to the Doren campsite. Along the way, we hike through two tunnels and repeatedly look out over the fantastic river landscape of the Bregenzerache, which we will later raft on the Trekraft. During the hike we cross a Natura 2000 area, where at every turn we have the feeling of walking through Canadian wilderness, where a bear could appear at any time. Trek Raft Tour at Bregenzer Ache river in a one-man boat through the middle of the white water of the Bregenzerache (WW 1 to 3), we pass cataracts and cross a Natura 2000 area that is unique in Vorarlberg. The Bregenzer Ache with its fascinating river landscape will captivate you. Behind every bend in the river a new view awaits you, you will remember this fun for a long time. The exciting thing about a trek raft tour is the conscious perception of the impressions while hiking, we walk on the old railway tracks and feel the history behind it and discover many natural treasures on the hike, which only reveal themselves to the trained eye. After some well-deserved refreshment, the boats are inflated and the adventure begins again. In the waves, we have to really push ourselves with the paddling in certain sections on the Bregenzer Ache, so that we don't get knocked over. Offer: Hike from Kennelbach to Doren, back we go by Trek Raft Kayak along the lower section of the Bregenzerach. 12 km plus WW: 2 to 3 trek power tour, 1 man boat Meeting point: By arrangement otherwise Wolfurt Rollhockeyclub Total duration: 5 to 6 hours Number of participants: from 4 persons Services: Safety equipment (helmet, life jacket, neoprene, professional shoes) Price per person: 125 Euro per person (incl. food) Trek Raft Tour Bregenzer Ache includes a 12 -15 km hike, which we then return by boat. Before setting off on the trek, everyone gets the chance to familiarise themselves with the equipment and, of course, a detailed introduction to boating. Experience the Experience the feeling of kayaking and dive into currents and wave troughs. Paddling forward, entering and exiting currents, traversing, tilting and re-entering - all this is quickly learned and allows the group to navigate adapted sections of the river.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Fragen zur Kündigung ihrer gebuchten Dienstleistung bitten wir direkt mit dem Veranstalter zu klären. Veranstalter entscheiden selbst, ob eine Kündigung möglich ist und verfügen in der Regel über eigene Rücktrittsrichtlinien. Wir informieren vorab, dass laut Bundesrecht und Rechtsvorschrift für Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz § 18 (10) Sie nach fixer Buchung über kein Rücktrittsrecht verfügen.



Konstanzerstraße 30, Altach, Österreich

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